In 2003, a small group of friends began getting together each week for 9 holes of golf – nothing serious, just to have fun. Word soon spread that this group was having a good time and enjoying the comradeship. Nine-hole play also allowed those with physical limitations the opportunity to regularly participate in a round of golf. People began to ask if they could join the group. It soon became apparent that there was a need for a men’s 9 hole golf group. The group also had a social component with periodic dining out opportunities for the players and their spouses or significant others.

The question has been asked “why bother with a Duffer history?” History reminds us of our roots.  As we age the group’s corporate memory is slowly diminishing. Some would prefer that we play golf “by the book.”  Others consider the Rules of Golf as suggestions.  Somewhere in the middle is the Duffers’ founding principal: Golf is a game, have fun.  The Duffers’ history is an attempt to memorialize the past, reconnect current Duffers with our roots, and to preserve for future Duffers our purpose and philosophy.

To aid all in the quest to recall our history, below is a quiz to test your Duffer knowledge.

You may be an Old Timer Duffer if:

1) You remember the late Bobby Spears.

Bobby was the Founder of the Duffers and our First President. He had an excellent command of colorful language. The handicap cart restrictions never were an impediment for him.

2) You remember the late Chuck Clafin advising the Duffers that throwing a ball out of a sand trap was not part of the Rules of Golf.

Chuck had a very low handicap, was our golf rules maven, and he was our first rep on the Green Committee. When asked why he played with the Duffers, he advised “They have fun!”

3) You know what is a “Gary Ellis.”

The late Gary Ellis had a habit of going to the longest hit ball thinking it was his shot, then discovering his ball was actually 20+ yards back from the spot. Hence a “Gary Ellis.”

4) You remember “Duffer Thursdays.”

There was a period of time in the mid 2000s, when we played on Thursdays.

5) You remember when the $5 game fee was optional.

Early on playing for money was a side game. When we became an AGA sanctioned league we were required to implement a game fee that ran thorough the pro shop. We lost a few Duffers who did not want to play for money.

6) You remember having contested elections for Duffer officers.

Yes, it is true.  For a few years early on most of the officer positions were contested.

7) You remember how the Duffers Rules came about contested elections for Duffer officers.

It was a shotgun start in the winter on Coyote 6 when the first player up hit his drive into the junk on the right.  He then hit a provisional ball that went into the junk on the right even further in.  He asked an officer in the foursome “what to do” and the “wise” officer advised, just throw a ball out from the area where it went in.  At this point the light bulb went on “we need Duffers Rules.”

8) You remember actually “signing-up” to play at the pro shop.

We transitioned to on-line sign-ups about 2008.  There were a handful of Duffers who did not have computers or could not figure it out.  The tournament chair took care of those folks.  Now using your computer is second nature to all.

9) You remember when everyone hit from the silver tees.

Yes, indeed.  The Duffers slowly made the move to the cooper tees with older Duffers first moving forward, then it became a personal choice, and finally everyone.  It was a major game changer as to how we played the game

10) You remember the Duffer motto: “Golf is a game, have fun.”

Everyone should know this one, it is still true today!

And there is more… For many more details of Duffer history compiled by the History Committee click HERE.

In memory of our members who have passed on please visit our Memorial Roster. Click HERE.

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