Quail Creek Desert Duffers

Golf is a game. Have Fun!

Desert Duffers Mission Statement

This mission obviously appeals to many golfers, beginners and low handicappers, because the membership has grown to over 275 and is expected to attract even more in the future. All skill levels are represented. Currently, we tee it up on Tuesdays.

In the fall of 2004, a small group of friends began getting together each week for nine holes of golf. Nothing serious, just to have fun. Word soon spread that this group was having a good time and enjoying the comradeship. People began to ask if they could join the group. It soon became apparent that there was a need for a men’s 9 hole golf group at Quail Creek. The Men’s 9 Hole Golf Association (aka Desert Duffers) was formed.

Join Us

All skill levels are welcome to join the the Quail Creek Desert Duffers Men’s 9-hole golf association. Once your handicap is established you can join in our friendly team competitions on Tuesdays.

  • Get a GHIN number at the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) at www.azgolf.org. For detailed instructions click HERE
  • Join the 9-hole Desert Duffers golf club at www.azgolf.org.
  • Pay the $15 Desert Duffers annual dues for membership. This will be added to the annual AGA dues when you enroll or renew.
  • Contact Steve Shapiro at 520-274-4150 for any membership/payment questions.
  • Register as a new member at our GolfGenius portal at quailcreekduffers.golfgenius.com .
  • Get to know the ropes quickly by learning from one of our new-member mentors.
  • Show up at the shotgun staging area and have a fun round!

Cancellations and No Shows

Cancellations from published games continue to be a challenge. By this we mean that once pairings and teams have been created and published, cancellations turn foursomes into threesomes and twosomes. While for most games blind draws will be assigned for the missing player, it is always better and more fun to be part of a foursome. Occasionally we experience unexpected frost delays, cart path only restrictions or some other restriction that makes playing golf an impossibility for some. We do not consider cancellations under these conditions to be an issue. Cancellations and No Shows under normal conditions is our challenge.

We understand that life happens. When you are dealing with an urgent matter, the last thing on your mind is, “I need to cancel my Duffer game.” We request that if you need to cancel your participation in a game, please do so as early as possible. This will help us to perhaps reassign your orphaned teammates to new teams. Reconfiguring affected teams is much easier to do with shotguns than tee times. Yet we still try to make that happen when we have enough lead time.

The most disruptive situation is the No Show. That is the player that did not cancel with the Game Maker over the weekend through Monday evening or with the Pro Shop on game day. We don’t know that a player is in fact a No Show until the tee time is announced and their teammates are on their way to their starting hole. The cancelling player simply did not show up. At this point it is too late to recombine the orphaned players with another team.

If you find out that you have to cancel from a game, the week before the tee times are assigned, just go to the Duffers Portal Home tab (house icon) and cancel from your game. The deadline for cancelling on the Portal is Friday 9:00 PM the week before the game. If you find out that you have to cancel after the tee sheets are published, between Saturday afternoon through Monday evening, please email or call the Game Maker. Their contact information is on the published Tee Sheet or in the game’s More info section on the Duffers Portal. If you have to cancel on that Tuesday morning, please call the Pro Shop at 393-5820 at least 1 hour before the Duffers first tee time. Your team will appreciate your diligence on this matter.

We thank you for your cooperation in making the Duffers the smooth running well oiled machine that we have enjoyed over these many years.

The Operations Team.

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