Time for 2023 Renewals

It is time for the renewal process to begin for 2023, and this year it starts on October 3rd at noon. 

  • Any member that is on auto-renewal just needs to make sure that the credit card they used is up-to-date.
    • If you elected Auto Renewal you will receive an email from AGA on your individual anniversary date for 2022 letting you know that his membership is up for renewal on a future date and will provide an “opt-out” for canceling renewal. 
    • A second reminder will be sent before the date of the first reminder stating the renewal will be completed on that date and will include an “opt-out”. 
    • You will receive a notification when the renewal transaction has been completed. 
    • You will receive an email notification if you cancel your renewal through the “opt-out” function. 
    • You will receive a notification if any auto-renewal process cannot be completed- such as if the credit card on file has expired.
  • Members who did not elect the Auto Renewal selection will need to sign in to AGA with their login and password to renew. This is the same process as in past.

There is a guide attached that shows you how to update your credit card, or for those electing to renew manually- the process

If you need any help or have questions about renewing (auto or manual), please call Steve Shapiro at 520.274.4150 

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